My Story

Port Wing, Wisconsin. Population: 164. Unincorporated. If you were to drive up into the northernmost places in Wisconsin, you may run into this tiny town. But don’t blink because you might miss it. Tucked away under the protection of the biggest fresh water lake in the world, I would have to consider my hometown a hidden gem along the south shore of Lake Superior. Growing up here I spent most of my time ridding my bike with my sister and dad during the summers to either the outdoor basketball court by the town hall or at the local high school gym. When I wasn’t running around with a basketball in my hands, you could have probably caught me swimming in the waves at the Quarry Beach where my mom recalls bringing us several times a day. I wouldn’t trade coming from a small town for anything. I have learned that work ethic is a vital piece to success because nothing was ever given to me; I had to earn everything. Opportunities were tough to come by, but it was my family who helped open those doors. My parents used to drive me over three and a half hours one-way just to get to my AAU basketball program practices, along with driving me around the country to attend tournaments so I could get exposed to college coaches. There wasn’t enough girls for an eighth grade girls basketball team, so I joined the boys team. I am so thankful for my hometown background and family. Both have made me the player and more importantly the person I am today. Most importantly, however, is my faith in the Lord – being a Christian has been my identity and foundation since as long as I can remember, and no matter where I end up during my lifetime I know that He is always with me. Speaking of ending up somewhere, I was miraculously found by the University of Iowa Women’s basketball coaching staff who offered me full scholarship and I accepted at the end of my Junior year. Fast forward through my senior year and I headed straight from my high school graduation to a whole new part of the Midwest in order to start my college career.

Quarry Beach, Lake Superior Wisconsin


Whenever people would tell me that “time really flies by” I never really believed them. Until now. Four years later, and I can officially call myself a college graduate! It honestly feels like yesterday I was just a freshman in the dorms figuring out my way around campus. I have had so many amazing memories during my time here at Iowa; a foreign tour to Italy with my team, meeting my roommate/best friend, trying on an Iowa jersey for the first time, walking into my first lecture hall that had more people in it than my hometown, late night study sessions, visiting the Amana colonies, attending Iowa football games, yearly tropical Thanksgiving tournaments, decorating my apartment for Christmas, first NCAA tournament invite, summer workouts, an internship, a trip to Brazil and winning a Gold Medal while representing Athletes in Action/Team USA, chartering across the country while playing in one of the best conferences in women’s college basketball, a B1G Tournament Championship, Elite 8 appearance, getting drafted into the WNBA, and walking across the stage to receive my diploma. As I look back on my experience, I can’t help but be thankful for what has happened, grateful for my present situation, and hopeful for what the future holds. I am excited that I finally got around to sharing a little bit of my story from my perspective — and I hope that whoever is reading this will continue to follow along as I reflect on past experiences and how they have shaped me into the person I am today.

Trials and Tribulations

As I currently sit at my father’s writing desk back in my little hometown and away from the public eye (and let’s be honest, very far away from any kind of civilization at all), I can say that it is exciting and very easy for me to write about all the blessings and good things that have happened, but I know that it is even more important that I share some of the not-so-good parts in my life too. If any of you have heard about me, you have probably heard – or rather scrolled through social media – about my very recent experience with the WNBA. Upon getting drafted as the 17th overall pick to the Dallas Wings in early April, I spent the first three weeks of May in training camp working as hard as I possibly could to try and earn a spot on the opening night roster. Even though being in the WNBA has been a dream of mine since I was little, I can truly say that it was one of the hardest experiences that I have ever had to go through. Not knowing what will happen the next day, competing in a different and new position than what I was used to in college, and trying to keep my family and friends in the loop with how I thought things were going were just some of the things that I was trying to balance. I know that this not only took a toll on myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, but I also know that my family shared in those last two aspects 100%. Unfortunately, I was one of the last two players cut from the team less than 2 days before the opening game tip-off. To say that I am devastated is a big understatement, but I can also confirm that this has lit a new fire in me like NEVER before. I learned and improved so much in training camp, and I look forward to using this as motivation. As the sting of this new obstacle starts to dull, I can lean on the fact that God has everything perfectly planned out (Jeremiah 29:11) and I know that He will use this trial to make me into not only a better basketball player, but into a better person than I was before!

For those of you who have expressed your support, it means the world to me! I will write more about this experience in the near future, but for now I will just leave you all with this:

Don’t miss me too much WNBA, I’ll. be. back. This is just the beginning.

70 thoughts on “My Story

  1. We have never been more proud of our UI Women’s Basketball team and our graduating senior class. You made this a very special journey full of excitement this year. I know you will take all you learned from the WNBA 3 week training camp and build it into even greater play. Looking forward to following you wherever God takes you. You’ve got this!


    1. Whenever my Dad would be proud of something my son did, he would grin and say, “You deserve an Atta Boy!” So, to you I say, “Atta Girl”! You are so wonderfully grounded in faith, so I know you are in good hands and good things WILL come:).
      On a personal note here, I have to tell you I applied and got turned down for one job after another over the past three jobs (I did get eventually). I would get so psyched up feeling I was perfect for a job, and then get the call I was not chosen. Those were killers:(.
      But, you know what? With time and patience and letting go and putting my life in God’s hands, He found three great jobs for me over the past 6 years.
      So, I know and you should too, that God answers on His time and not ours. Your time WILL come. Just let go and let God:)!
      All the best to you always!
      Fellow Sister in Christ


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Some people think that being a Christian means that things always work out or we don’t feel pain. Which is the exact opposite. We have our share of mistakes and misteps, unexpected heartbreak and sorrow. We just know that our Heavenly Father is with us through all of it and that is what keeps us going. Stay faithful on your present journey!!


  3. I have no doubts that you will be back! I’ve been a Hawkeye fan since I was old enough to start paying attention (mid-80s or so), but this past season I watched Women’s Basketball more closely than ever before. You and your teammates were so much fun to follow. I really feel that lost in all the other accomplishments, you (along with Hannah, Tania, Kathleen, et al) advanced your entire sport. And that’s really something to be proud of regardless!
    Wherever life may take you from here, we all hope you’ll continue to be close to Iowa athletics for years to come!


  4. Following your carrer in college has been inspirational. being a coach in Minnesota, your story allows othet midwestern girls to dream. Can’t believe what happened with the Wings. I have a former player who has been cut twice. She enjoys her tine overseas and I encouraged her to run camps locally. She has done tremendous job in giving back to the next generation of players. As I’m sure you do to. Keep your head up.


  5. Megan, Having met you and your family at the WNBA draft I know things will work out for you and that you will have a positive and meaningful impact on many people you will get to know in your life. Look forward to seeing you again. Send regards to your family.


  6. Megan,
    Wish you could buy stock in a person. I would spend my entire 401k on you. Never met a person I felt so strongly would succeed as you! You are a class act!! Keep your chin up. Better things are coming your way!


  7. Megan
    My wife and I met you at the Black & Gold store in Davenport, Ia. What a thrill! I was the 88 year old who kept stats on your wonderful Iowa games. You autographed the paper and I was thrilled to get it. We loved reading your very wonderful story. It is an inspiration to anyone who reads it. We are very proud of what you have accomplished and wish you only the best going forward. I was so shocked when I found out they had let you go! But I am sure the future Looks very bright for you. I pray to God that it will happen. Best of luck Megan, we Love you!
    Chuck and Marge


  8. Megan,
    My wife and I got to meet you at the Black and Gold shop in April in Davenport, IA. I am the 88 year old that kept your stats for your senior season at IOWA. And what a season it was. We were shocked about your release. And very saddened. But we have confidence and faith that you will respond with greatness. AND we have YOUR autograph! We wish you the best. Stay healthy and injury free. We are praying for you Megan!
    Chuck and Marge


  9. Megan, “I have a plan for you and it is for good!” You have the best person on your side with your faith. Follow his lead as I know you are already doing. I’m still very proud of you and what you’ve accomplished. Onward!!!! The best is yet to come!


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